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Prequel Podcast



Hi! My name is Sarah ( @sarahbeimedits ). I am the writer of "cataclysm.begin". As a queer Jewish filmmaker, I understands how it feels to be misrepresented in media and want to change that.I have always been fascinated by dreams, sci-fi, and dystopian. These genres inspired me to create my own unique worlds. A lot of my works are inspired by real-world issues but with a twist, as a way to escape but still shed light on issues that need to be addressed. have loved storytelling ever since I was little. Creating something from nothing is exciting and freeing.


katherine filaseta (she/her) is a queer female filmmaker based in NYC. While most of her work has been as an assistant director, when she is in the director's chair herself, katherine enjoys exploring the way every different type of art combines via film to tell stories - especially stories from marginalized points of view.

Other than directing, katherine also works regularly as an Assistant Director, where she uses her scheduling and leadership skills to help underrepresented creators of varying backgrounds tell their own stories.

Outside of film, katherine spends her time reading, tweeting about being bisexual (@kay_fil), dancing to Bollywood music, and snuggling her adorable asexual homoromantic bunny @kajalthebun


Maria Palacio is a Brooklyn based filmmaker & photographer who was inspired through her own experience as an up-and-coming filmmaker to create a forum to nurture other emerging artists in the field by establishing Revolution Me Film Festival in 2016. With the experience in assisting the coordination for the Big Mini Media Film Festival at Long Island University during her graduate tenure, she used the skills and knowledge in turning the Revolution Me Film Festival into an annual event, attracting filmmakers from all over the world.


Caroline Mariko Stucky is an award winning Swiss-Japanese independent filmmaker with a fierce passion for American culture. For Caroline, film, the world of the image, is the ultimate language that trumps the whirling kaleidoscope of spoken languages of her childhood.


Kelly Polk is an actor, director, producer, and writer, born and raised in the burbs of Los Angeles. She has an affinity for all things strange and unusual and hates superfluous bios. Kelly is also a co-founding member of the comedy group and production company The 13th Fleur . She currently resides in New York City and consumes copious amounts of coffee and pizza.


Founder, Head of Development & Audio at Manderfilm, LLC. 
When not on set you can catch him scoring a film while his cat, Gomez, judges him profusely.


Camille (nick/set name ‘Mack’) is a multidisciplinary Makeup Artist hailing from Wilmington, Delaware and residing in Brooklyn. Going wherever art and creativity beckons, they have worked on named faces such as Zoe Winters (Succession), Seth Gilliam (The Wire; The Walking Dead), Michael Cera, Gaten Matarazzo (Stranger Things), Kathryn Erbe (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), and Andrew Barth Feldman (Dear Evan Hansen [theatre]; No Hard Feelings) among others.

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